Examples Of Critical Thinking And Abortion

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Critically Thinking and Abortion
Amanda Rabius
June 26, 2017
Doug Jankowski

Critically Thinking and Abortion
Critical thinking is one of the most valuable tools that an individual can use in their lives to solve a problem. There are many groups of dynamics within a situation that can influence it such as religion, gender, age, culture, and even ethnicity. In this essay, I will focus on diversity and ethics when thinking critically and the roles that they play when trying to solve a problem, specifically abortion.
When exposing diversity in critical thinking, it enables a wide range of more complex thoughts to be considered. In this aspect, diversity is beneficial and creates ideology to create more considerable outcomes.
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So, it is hard to say if abortion is right or wrong. It cannot be determined when critically thinking about it and involving diversity. But instead, allows individuals to consider each other’s feelings and approach a better way of thinking. Furthermore, while considering diversity in the idea of abortion, it can create different outlooks, change viewpints, make different methods on how abortion is performed, or if at all. The benefit to including diversity is that it improves an
Critical thinking has a large part in ethics because it is a form of analysis which determines truth versus false, identifying the unidentified, and coming to an understanding. A person unraveling a mental assessment process helps to determine their ethical standards. In the analysis, also known as a reasoning process, people will always make observations. And from that we confirm facts and theory. Then we establish inferences and next assumptions. In following, we form an opinion from our observations, facts, inferences and assumptions which in turn creates arguments to protect our opinions. Lastly, the analysis is used to sort out our observations as well as other people’s observations, facts, inferences, assumptions, opinions, and claims. When doing ethics, we include rules about our responsibility and our rights to build ethical assumption about what we should do along with who we should be. We then simulate our ethical presumptions by presuming the likely outcome. One important primary
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