Examples Of Critical Thinking

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Based on Michael Scriven & Richard Paul (2003), critical thinking is the active intellectually disciplined process through skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, assessing resources generated by observation, experience, reflecting or reasoning, as a conduct to the belief. Undeniable, critical thinking helps us attain knowledge, enhance theories and strengthen arguments, thus it will indirectly improve our work processes and social establishment. In my opinion, critical thinking is to think clear and rationally, question, analyze and evaluate it, hence to make a reasoning judgment. It is an active process where engages reflective and independent thinking. John Dewey (1909) mentioned that critical thinking is reflective thought to suspend judgment, persist in a healthy skepticism and employ an open mind. According to Dewey (1909), critical thinking is active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief in light of the ground that supports it and tends to the further conclusions. Active process is referred to raise question, seek for information, think things through, find relevant information and…show more content…
Richard Paul (1993) focused critical thinking in that mode of thinking where the thinkers enhance the quality of their thinking by skillfully taking charge in thinking and imposing intellectual standards. Based on Richard Paul, the sole method to develop critical thinking ability is through thinking about one’s thinking. Critical thinking is definitely different from just thinking. It is metacognitive, thinking about your thinking, during the process of thinking, it will improve your thinking. Critical thinking starts once the reflection on his thinking, for example, students evaluate each of their work, ideas or writing by thinking through a second time, they self-checking on these questions like “am I being clear, is this precise, does my answer accurate and
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