Examples Of Cultural Appropriation

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Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements in one culture by members of another culture. There has been a lot of cultural appropriation throughout the years. Lately, many people have been noticing it more often. One of the largest issues in the cultural appropriation that has hit the media lately is hair. There have been many white celebrities who have been culturally appropriating Black hairstyles. The most recent have been the Jenner/Kardashian sisters. On the other hand, some believe the same goes for vice versa; African-Americans have been appropriating White culture. One example can be Malcolm X. He even wrote a speech about how he realized that wearing a conk made him look more “White” and he felt he was trying to be exactly that. Recently, that idea has changed. Many people believe that it is only cultural appropriation when a White person does it. This social issue has been a large debate on whether White people are culturally appropriating Black culture by wearing traditionally Black hairstyles. One claim on this social issue is that Traditionally, Black hairstyles worn by White people is cultural appropriation. Especially when the style is not credited to the originator. “Whenever this stolen culture becomes popular, it is sometimes capitalized on because it is seen as more attractive when it is connected to a White person” (Deloch). This idea has been proven many times with White Celebrities who have…show more content…
Whether it is an issue or not, it is really based on perspective. People can view it as a stolen discredited hairstyle, or an appreciation of this cultural hairstyle. Some may view it as a privilege versus discrimination, or view it as appropriation towards each other. No matter how one decides to view it as an issue or not, one thing remains the same. Cultural appropriation is defined as the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another
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