Examples Of Curriculum Artifact Analysis

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Curriculum Artifact Analysis Introduction: When one thinks of a curriculum what is it that comes to one’s mind? Is it just an official document or is there something more than that. The term curriculum has various perspectives in general it constitutes the teaching and learning process or one can say that is the intended curriculum that is usually presented in an official document and is employed as a guiding document . Within a classroom setting the curriculum can be altered through a range of interactions and what is delivered is the “implemented curriculum “ and what the learners actually learn or achieve is the achieved or learned curriculum. In addition to this there is the hidden curriculum which helps develop moral values and beliefs that is unintended. Therefore while developing curriculum different dimensions must be taken into consideration especially those that represent the vision of the society, the written curriculum should not be exhaustive but comprehensive and user friendly document which has a framework, syllabus and a set of learning materials like textbooks, guides for teachers and assessment guide. Many people see curriculum in terms of subject to be taught or as a set of textbooks and usually forget its wider goals…show more content…
In a typically school setup the teachers usually teach from a textbook trying to help students understand the content and this adds to rote learning .Therefore at all levels in a school system the textbook plays a significant role as students are assessed through examinations that are within the limits of the textbook and for the teacher it acts as a structuring device in a particular sequence that can be applied
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