Examples Of Dada Irrationalism

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Dada’s irrationalism
Not only anti-war and anti-art, Dada mirrored society in a more comprehensive level than just political extent but entailing cultural perspective (Harrison & Wood, 2003). Dada is considered as irrationalism to reject the traditional Bourgeois rationalism (Harrison & Wood, 2003). Hopkins, in his book “Dada and surrealism”, explained this characteristic in a more detail level: Dada threw doubt on how the conservative middle-class art was created and the constructive purposes it guaranteed, the elegant, rational ideas of church and flag overwhelmed the arts while countless human being out there were suffering from loss and horrified deaths (Hopkins, 2006). Dadaism assumed that bourgeois were the one contributed to the miserable so that their perspective had to
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On the other hand, another reason behind this irrationality was claimed by Kristiansen (1968): Dada was born of a search for freedom and a distrust toward unity. This author also made an outstanding explanation for this which is the fact that the war was over, Dadaists cling to their independence because they assumed that we cannot force the world to be simply defined as the unity but spectators are free to look at it in different ways (Kristiansen, 1968). Thus, there is no logical base common to all (Kristiansen, 1968). But all in all, it focused on the spontaneity, the law of chance. The disordered and random typography, using extraordinary objects and materials to make art, tilting print were the trademark of Dadaism (Kristiansen, 1968). This feature was significant in the way authors Benton and DiYanni (2014) defined Dadaism. They emphasized that Dadaism attempted to do in an indistinct manner. For example, Hans Arp dropped liquids into few tiny puddles and just let the liquid ran freely, then he outlined each path of liquid. He incorporated randomness as a part of the process. Then, he cut out wooden replicas and finally put them together to make a
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