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Essay Question 1 The video I selected for this question is 3.2 “Dance for Mother Earth”. To begin, I see the symbolism of the circle (circular vision) present throughout the piece. Two examples are when the individuals are dancing/walking in a circular fashion to music during the power as well as when the video references some people living by the way of the square and the idea that we need to live by the way of the circle. To continue, ancestry (respect for ancestry) was present throughout the piece as well. To begin, the idea of struggling to find the balance between what is important and what is not it brought up alongside the question of how our ancestors would feel about our values and actions. Further, the video highlighted not only learning and knowing the way of their ancestors but also following them in order to heal Mother Earth. The video continued on to address the reason people dance and that it is to honor their family, the elderly, and their community in order to connect generations.…show more content…
In the beginning, the video references communicating with one another through references to Native Americans before events and ceremonies such as baseball and football games as well as setting formal education requirements for Native American history in order to communicate everything they went through and their beliefs and such. Further, the video discusses the role of the pow wow in Native American life which is to have intertribal unity where they teach, share values, as well as heal together. For this to occur, communication must also occur. Additionally, the drum during the pow wow serves as the heartbeat of the event to connect each other and ancestors with each song having a purpose and lesson to teach all. In general, a pow wow would not even be possible without a multitude of people communicating in order to plan, organize, and facilitate the

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