Examples Of Data Management

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Organizations strive to perform as well-oiled machines, with little to no mistakes in their day-to-day workflow. Unfortunately, the millions of moving parts and the chance of human error leads to incidents that interrupt the organization’s normal activity. In these cases, the first and most important step is collecting data that explains the setting in a contextual manner (Carroll, 2009, pg 27). This includes the environment surrounding the incident, as well as the people and equipment that may have been involved. For example, if a patient in a nursing home falls down the stairs, it is imperative to gather as much information from the scene after tending to the patient’s medical needs and safety. Some examples of types of data to collect…show more content…
For example, if the organization set forth a new procedure to check on patients every 15 minutes, this new system could be tested in its effectiveness in the new incident and may also allow analyzers to locate human errors that may further explain and corroborate a timeline. Although these analyses differ in their methodical process, both are vital components in the last major incidence analysis: root cause analysis. The end all goal of a Root Cause Analysis is to find the root cause of the problem. This process begins with the information that was collected during data gathering and analysis. It focuses on learning what parties were involved, what information they knew and during what time period. The analysis dips further into identifying who is accountable, what they are accountable for and why this method of accountability. The main focus of this evaluation is asking a series of “why” questions to explain how certain events happened (Andersen & Fagerhaug, 2006). Continuing the previous example, the root cause analysis asks direct questions that may be able to explain how the patient ended up slipping and falling. These questions include: why was there water present on the floor, why wasn’t the facilities crew notified of the liquid, why the facilities crew had a delayed response if this message was relayed, and finally, why the nursing home staff took too long to
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