Examples Of Death In Romeo And Juliet

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To Kill a Cat, According to Shakespeare Writers have intentions for what they write and how they write it. William Shakespeare is an example of this type of purposeful writer in his play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. He times and constructs each death so carefully as to teach the readers and to influence the rest of the story. Enter the story's short-tempered main antagonist, Tybalt—a married-in Capulet and Juliet's first-cousin who greatly values the honor and pride of himself and his family. He is greatest swordfighter in Verona, and teased to be the "Prince of Cats" multiple times in the play. His death, for example, has a theme and multiple reasons as to why and how it occurred, including the Montague boys crashing the Capulets' party, Tybalt killing Mercutio, and Romeo's consuming rage over Mercutio's death. Shakespeare loves to play with luck and chance occurrences in this play; Romeo eventually kills Tybalt, but he never wanted to go to the party that, in a sense, began to unravel Tybalt's death. Mercutio and Benvolio push Romeo into going to the Capulet party, and the three go in masks with an intent to have a good time. There, Tybalt spots them, and is particularly angered about Romeo's presence and believes the group has come to…show more content…
The reasons that lead to his death also play into teaching the theme behind his character, which can be used to represent anger and what it drives you to do. On the same hand, though, Tybalt is very weighed down by his pride and honor. Taking this into account, it can be argued that Tybalt is written to express the dangers of being hostile and close-minded; as soon as he sees Romeo at the party, for the rest of the play, he is set on his revenge against the member of his enemy family. Being ruled by his set of ideas and emotions, the aforementioned events, and a pinch of unluckiness from Shakespeare ultimately leads to his
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