Examples Of Decisions ( Marketing Mix )

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Examples of Decisions (Marketing Mix)
The main component of the marketing mix is the product. It consists of the services, along with the physical product itself. The company imaging, packaging, and the brand name are all included in this concept. An example of product decision in this particular case study is the variety of cookies that are provided:
The Girl Scouts will also be asking certain troops to reduce their cookie lineups to six varieties. The top six selling cookies--Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Samoas, Lemon Charlet Cremes, and Tagalongs—account for about 77 percent of cookies sales. (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel 21).
The Girl Scouts made portion changes by decreasing cookie varieties by 1 ounce per box and they made the decision to use plastic in the place of cardboard, which is normally used. These product decisions are examples of packaging and serving size.
Place decisions refer to warehousing, order processing, and giving the product to the customer when and where the customer wants it. The two Florida teens that used their mom 's vehicle as an on the go cookie store are an example of place decision making. Another example is the unknown top seller in Atlanta that chose sales locations based off of the demographic research she had done. Many of the Girl Scout troops are also known for setting up booths outside of grocery stores that have high amounts of foot traffic.
Promotion decisions are all about receiving excellent customer feedback. This includes…

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