Examples Of Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the memoir, Night , by Elie Wiesel is about Elie’s experience with the Holocaust. In the many work camps he traveled, he witnessed many cases of dehumanization. The word “Dehumanization” means a group of people assert the inferiority of another group. The humans that are inferior think that race of people shouldn’t deserve of moral consideration. When the Wiesel’s arrived at Birkenau, reception center for Auschwitz; Wiesel experienced his first case of dehumanization when he gets separated from his mother and his daughter. When he arrived at Auschwitz he gets tattooed a number; this is where the SS officers striped his birth name away. At Buna, Wiesel witnessed many followings because his fellow jews have committed crime. Throughout…show more content…
His identity is affected by because he is characterized as a person who depends on someone to keep their life stable. Elie’s identity is also impacted when the german soldiers is when they take away his birth name. Elie travels into a new camp for newcomers to get their name stripped away from them; They are when a number. On his first day at Auschwitz, The SS officers made the Jews gather in groups of fives and made them march for half an hour. After the Jews got out of the water they had to run again in the shivering cold. The next day the soldiers let treated the Jewish community without brutality, but in the afternoon they had to stand in line and roll up their sleeves. “I became A-7713. After that I had no other name” (p 39). The word “Name” means a word by which a person is addressed by. Elie’s Identity is affected by how the the world (soldier's) view him in the world. When his name is taken, he can’t be addressed like a human being or even a pet animal. The SS soldiers tattooed Elie’s arm to show that they are going through the dehumanization process. Elie’s Identity is also affected when he witnesses the gallowings. Elie witnesses his fellow Jews get executed because they have not followed the Nazi rules. When Elie notices a black gallows, then was told the soup would given after roll call, he noticed three Jews in the gallows. After this happened the little kid has
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