Examples Of Dehumanization In The Kite Runner

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Kevin He
Mar 27, 2018

Dehumanization: It is Easier to Kill Something than Someone
The root of discrimination founds on the lack of similarities. Everyone is different in some ways, but dehumanization allows exploitation of the differences for self interest and satisfaction. Human history is littered with tainted footprints of prejudice and discrimination, and they all contain one thing in common: dehumanization.Dehumanization is a psychological process that makes individuals and groups seem to not deserve moral consideration by viewing them as less than human. All human have fundamental rights that should not be violated, and innocent people should not be subjects to violence and brutality. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, excessive violence and ethnic conflicts question moralities. Hosseini is able to reflect how these real-world issues are revolved around dehumanization. The novel highlights genocide, violence, and violation of human rights, and most importantly, how these terrible deeds originates from one psychological process: Dehumanization. Dehumanization is the cause of violence and discrimination because it asserts superiority, assuages guilt, and denies individuality; ultimately, it is the cause of human rights violations.
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Without dehumanizing the black slaves, society cannot to perpetuate the culture of violence necessary to keep a slave based economy intact. People were auctioned like objects and belonging. Just like in the text, dehumanization removes the individuality of the slaves, and they received treatment that are unacceptable for those included in one’s moral community. Moral exclusion reduces restraints against harming or exploiting. Dehumanization removes individuality; by doing so, it makes the violation of generally accepted norms of behavior regarding one's fellow man seem reasonable, or even

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