Examples Of Delayed Gratification

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Delayed or Instant Gratification: Differences in choosing delayed gratification between extro-verted and introverted people.
How are humans capable to control themselves and their urges? This question has psy-chologists wondering for centuries. How do we decide if we want to spend our money on something or rather save it to spend it later on something else? What makes us wait for a re-ward rather than receiving instant gratification? Several studies have been conducted on these questions, looking for answers on self-control. In my research, I want to see if there is a dif-ference between introverted and extroverted people in choosing delayed gratification. My hypotheses is that the more introversion a human shows the more likely they choose delayed gratification.
Literature Review
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(1972) set the framework in the field of self-control by executing a simple experiment known as the “marshmallow test”. The participating children received a choice. They were left alone in a room with a plate of treats. If the child awaited the return of the researcher, they were given two sweets but if they were not able to wait, they had to ring a bell which told the researcher to return immediately. If the bell was rung, the child would only get one treat instead of two. This experiment led Mischel to introduce the hot and cold system, an explanation for the human ability to delay gratification. While the cold system is said to be reflective and responsible for us holding back, the hot system is the impulsive one, making us want the instant
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