Examples Of Descartes Argument For The Proof Of God's Existence

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i) Descartes argument for the proof of God’s existence is open to the accusation of circular reasoning. Critically defend or critique Descartes’ proof of God’s existence in light of this accusation.

In the following essay about Descartes argument for the proof of God’s existence I will be openly critiquing his work considering this accusation. The problem associated with Descartes work about God is to do with the way he goes about explaining his argument. His argument is that the truth about the existence of god lies within the idea of a ‘Perfect’ God. Descartes pushes away the thought of human knowledge as a product of our senses, however supports the claim that knowledge is obtained through the processes in our own mind. Because Descartes believes that through constant repetition of knowledge about this topic is the only way to learn, he refuses to use logical statements and arguments to validate the existence of God. Due to the attempt of Descartes to stay deductive in his attempt to prove that God exists certainly deserves some sort of praise, however some of Descartes argument are lacking facts and statements etc. There are two main arguments in which are lacking in the above, these are; The idea of the perfect being in his own head could only have been
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“During these few days I am examining if anything in the world exists, it obviously followed that I exist” (84) Descartes states that a being can be certain of their existence if they have the ability to think and comprehend thoughts. He also adds that thoughts imagination etc are objectively real. So if thoughts are real in their own right, then the creator of those thoughts must also be real or exist “Here I make my discovery, thoughts exist; it alone cannot be separated from me” (65) Based on the evidence above it allows us to see that Descartes arguments about his natural existence seem coherent and
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