Examples Of Discrimination Today

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Sadly, discrimination still exist today. There are many good examples that can be used to help prove that discrimination still exists. One out of many articles published, “How it Feels to be Colored”, this definitely give a great example of discrimination. An additional article that gives readers a better view on discrimination is “The Fourth of July”. Many people may find the two articles given very relatable to their everyday life.
After reading the article “How it Feels to be Colored”, this reading gave me a better understanding of how discrimination still exist and why it is inarticulate. The main character Zora Hurston, first lived in Eatonville, Florida. She lost her mom at the age of 13, the moved to Jacksonville, Florida. She then enrolled into boarding school. Hurston immediately became identified as a “colored” person. She never cared about how people tried to make her feel or let it bother her.
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Lorde was going on a school trip with her classmates to Washington DC. Phyllis later discovered that she could not stay in the hotel with the rest of her classmates because she was a “negro”. Phyllis never understood what was going on and why she was not being treated like everyone else. One day, while eating in a restaurant, Phyllis and her parents were told that they can take food out but they can not sit there and eat because they were black. Phyllis experienced being discriminated at a young age.
A personal experience that deals with discrimination, was last year at my old high school during a Christmas show. My best friend was auditioning for the role of Mary until she was told she cannot play the role of Mary because of her skin complexion. She was told that she would confuse the younger kids because Mary was white; which is not a proven fact. It is very sad and disturbing that even now in 2017, people are still being discriminated
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