Examples Of Dolphin Jump Style Of Teaching

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6. Proposed Method of Teaching In this paper a method is introduced Dolphin Jump Style of Teaching that makes the attention level to be maintained during the lecture period and makes the teaching learning process a fun and easy way to gain knowledge. Why Dolphins jump? Dolphins World cites five possible reasons as to why dolphins jump out of the water: • to get a better view of the water and are therefore better able to locate food, • to conserve energy as Flying through the air consumes less energy than swimming through water, • to play as Jumping out of water provides entertainment and keeps their senses sharp, • to get rid of parasites that accumulate on the bodies of dolphins and • to communicate with their mates and other pods by jumping out of water.…show more content…
Dolphin Jump style of teaching is a methodology that directly implements the features of Dolphin jump in live classroom teaching style. We propose the five steps: • The teacher should provide very clear and concise view of the topic and application of a particular topic so that students will be able to get a better view of the topic and therefore better able to learn them and implement. They should be given real life examples so that they can relate why and how that particular topic is really interesting and he/she should know. It will develop interest in them towards
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