Examples Of Dystopia In Fahrenheit 451

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The moon was shining bright as the scorching sounds of the inferno grew wilder, burning words of knowledge. Sirens yelling in the background, whilst men in heavy fire-proof suits tossed the sewn pages of information into the incinerator. People of the society, enclosed, into the lonely darkness of their houses. Families segregated, ignorant, unfilled with love. This is how people lived in the novel, Fahrenheit 451. The author, Ray Bradbury descriptively shows how this society was a dystopia. This society is supposedly seen as a perfect world, or a utopia, but as the story progresses, it turns out to be a dystopia in the end. The act of book burning is one of the biggest laws in this world because the government doesn’t believe in controversy and books caused disputation. As the outcome of this, the government then controls what the society learns and made these laws that restricted the society, in order to make the world “perfect.” As a result, I believe Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopia.
First of all, the world in Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopia because this society lacks knowledge. “Aren’t there professors like yourself, former writers, historians, linguists…?” “Dead or ancient?” (BRADBURY 83) From this text evidence, I can conclude that there aren’t that many English or Historian careers in this society. No use for books, no reason for people to teach them. The people in the Fahrenheit 451 society is not taught about books and the kind of content that is written on
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