Examples Of Ecocriticism In Wall-E

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In the writing of this paper the author uses Ecocriticism as the main theory and the movie Wall-E (2008) by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton as the object of analysis. The story follows a robot named Wall-E, who is designedto clean up an abandoned, waste-covered Earth far in the future. The author feel interested and challenged to analyze further the learning about the growing issue of Ecocriticism because of disharmony of nature with other elements in nature itself.
When one element related do the mismatched with nature, the exploitation of nature for example, then the balance of nature will be distracted and badly other life around it. With this background, the writer directs the reader to use the perspective of Ecocriticism is related to the movie Wall-E to see how natural, human and cultural interplay with one another.
The story begins at the time of the Earth there is a giant company named Buy N Large, these participating companies were
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Wall-E a suffered damage when chased by inter AUTO, brought by EVE to Earth for repairs, damage to the memory Wall-E-Wall-E lead to losing her memory about what was experienced by him over the past 700 years. However, as the story of cartoons, there is always a happy ending. Wall-E again conscious and can remember remember what he experienced. The House of humans back to Earth and restore it while Wall-E get thinking angannya, i.e., holding the hand of EVE, as a sign of love.
The main issues are shown from this movie is "how to trash can change human life on Earth?". The film tells the story of the only remaining cleaner robot in 2110. This robot named Wall-E, a name which derives from an abbreviation for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class. Wall-E is intentionally created to solve the problem of garbage that exists on Earth. While the man fled into a spaceship, Wall-E will work clean the

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