Waiting For Superman Essay

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A proper education is one of the most important things in a child's life. In the powerful documentary, Waiting for Superman, directed by Davis Guggenheim, the audience is given an insight on charter, public, and private/ boarding schools. While the underlying tones of the film are leaning towards the positives of these prestigious schools, the main principle is how important an education is, and the steps the country is taking to improve it. Throughout the film, a strong pull of emotion is presented by showing the hardships of everyday families struggling for the education their kids deserve, as well as the multitude of statistics about the failing school systems in the country, and the credited charter schools, along with the people…show more content…
Seeing children from ages six to thirteen, go through the immense amount of pain they did, just from being rejected from a charter school, is in attempts to sadden the audience and inform the country that there are kids that yearn for a quality education but cannot receive it. The many reasons in certain places, a child cannot receive a proper education is due to the public schools in the area, not being up to standards. A majority of the documentary is in regards to Washington D.C., the capital of the country, using it as the prime example. Only twelve percent of students in D.C. are even average in reading, eight hundred students from ninth to tenth grade leave, and the students that remain, have a reading capability of almost two years younger than their actual age. These statistics are used as pure logic to convey the audience how many systems are failing and the need to improve them. Besides the casualties of the capital and a majority of American cities, the teachers that fail to do their duties are the reasons for students failing educations. A major reason for this, is because of the tenure that the Teachers Union provides. Teachers that are slacking, but have tenure, can rarely get fired due to the long process it takes. In fact, one in every twenty-four thousand teachers with tenure get fired. By these people being allowed to stay in the education world, the children cannot receive the education they need to succeed. It is proven these
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