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Man Kala Limbu Sherry Sharifian GOVT-2306-71001 10/27/2017 Campaigning for the election I am running for the Texas Senate district 16 against my opponent Don Huffines who is Republican and extremely conservative. I have an ideology that matches with liberal democrat and I truly support equality and freedom. In this election; I am standing for providing quality education to the children and young people of my district, I am fighting against the poverty and also fighting for the property rights. Education is my main concern because I believe if every individual in my district is educated then my district will prosper leading to the eradication of poverty. 1 I also believe that; education will also help people to understand
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Me and my team member are planning to advertise campaign through fundraising program and placing yard signs.
The interest group that will support me would be “National Education Association” which advocates the same ideology of public education as my campaign group. Education is very important for the success of every individual. 2 The other interest group that will support me would be “working families”. This interest group supports my idea of fighting for the economy that works for all of the residents. However, not everybody will support my ideology and there are groups that will go against me. The interest group that will oppose my campaign would be “Americans for Tax Reform” because it opposes any tax increase and there will be little tax increase if I want to improve the quality education in the school. Another interest group that will oppose my campaign would be “One Nation PAC” because it supports lower taxes and limited government and I think which oppose that because I believe in governmental involvement for the betterment of the society.
Slogan is very important part of any campaign. My slogan is “Education is Power”. I truly believe in this because education will lead to success in life and therefore success will lead to eradicating poverty. These are what I am standing for in this election. Not only my slogan is important for the success of my campaign but an endorsement also plays
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