Examples Of Emancipatory Knowing In Nursing

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Nursing is very broad and beyond nursing process; assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating. Nursing deals with knowledge and knowing. “The nature of knowledge changes with time, but the fundamental values that guide nursing practice have remained remarkably stable.” (Chin and Kramers , 2011, p. 5). Nursing is a practice that focuses on wellness and healing in wholeness; body, mind and soul. As we practice nursing, we take into action acquired knowledge, experiences and insight from various aspects of our lives within the ethical limitations or frameworks. One of these fundamental values includes emancipatory knowing. According to Chin and Kramers (2011); “Emancipatory knowing is the human capacity to be aware of and to critically reflect upon the social, cultural, and political status quo and to figure out how and why it came to be that way”. Take for instance, the incident that happened in Utah in July 26th, 2017, between the Salt Lake Police officer and a University of Utah Nurse; where she was unjustly arrested because she refused to give blood sample of an unconscious patient to the police officer even after reading the hospital policy as it relates to obtaining blood sample from an unconscious patient. The hospital policy states that for blood samples to be obtained from an unconscious patient, there has to be; a court order, electronic warrant, patient consent, or a patient been under arrest. In this case, none of this applied to the patient and so the nurse

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