Examples Of Emergency Action Plan

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An emergency action plan is put into place so that when an athlete is injured it can be handled effectively. It is important to have this in place so everyone knows their role in the situation. When an accident happens stress levels are high so this plan helps to take away some of the panic. This emergency action plan is for the gym inside the dome. This plan should be rehearsed twice a year. Rehearsal will make the actual situation run smoothly and it can also work out any kinks.
Staff responsibilities
The coach will be the first to the injured athlete. Once the athletic trainer comes the coaches next responsibility is to get the team together and get their focus off the injured athlete. The athletic trainer will conduct a primary and secondary survey
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The athletic training room is located at the back of the gym, first room on the left. Splints, AED, and first aid is all located here. The med kit will be accessible so it can be taken to the injured athlete if they can’t make it to the training room.
Once EMS arrives, the coach will direct the EMS to the injured athlete. Means how the athletic trainer has been the one talking to the athlete they will be the spokesperson. The athletic trainer will inform the EMS of the information he/she has gathered from talking to the athlete or from the primary survey. At this point the EMS will take control means how they are more certified.
Modes of communication The assistant coach is responsible for calling 911. This will be done with their phone or a phone located in the athletic training room. It is important for the assistant coach to stay calm and answer any of the questions that the EMS may have. The following information needs to be given to the EMS.
-Type of injury
-Type of suspected injury
-Present condition of the athlete
-Current treatment being given
-Location of telephone being
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