Examples Of Enlightenment In 1984

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Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment - Lao Tzu. We as people decide for ourselves if we want to be enlightened or believe in ignorance. Enlightenment is positively more effective than to stay ignorant not know anything. In today's world, we have the freedom to enlighten ourselves through the internet and all sorts of technology. That is why so many people are more comprehensive and unprejudiced in our world simply because there is more enlightenment surrounding them. In the past, some regions of the world had no enlightenment because the people of a specific country would believe what their government or leader tell them to believe. 1984 is the ideal example of how a totalitarian government controls their citizens. In 1984 every citizen is shielded from the truth and reality of their government through the lies and propaganda they express. One of the party slogans of Big Brother is “WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (Orwell 7). Their slogan promotes war, total control over someone, and not knowing what is true or not true. This would show the ignorance the citizens live in by daily of their lives. Big Brother spreads lies against…show more content…
In the cave are prisoners held in captivity all their life one day one of them gets freed and he explores the world outside and is overwhelmed with everything happening. He goes back and tells the other prisoners and they assume that he was brainwashed and don’t believe him. He tries to free them but they decline. The prisoner who was freed became enlightened and understood the surrounding environment he was placed in. The others stayed ignorant because they've seen the same events happening around them since they could remember. This would be hard to understand from someone who has never seen the actual world out of the
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