Examples Of Equality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Equality, it’s a word that has many different interpretations all over the world. For some people equality means having the right to vote or marry who they love, but for others it could just mean having the right to go out of your own house without a man’s permission, or the right to drive a car. Equality for all people in America has come a long, long way. There was a time when African Americans weren’t even considered people, but now one has been President. I think that “To Kill a Mockingbird” is an excellent example of the injustice and hatred that has been shown towards African Americans in this country and how people have slowly changed their minds and broken down a lot of racial and ethnic barriers. The story starts out in the rural Alabama town of Maycomb and focuses on the finch family. Atticus Finch,…show more content…
Bob Ewell and Mayella both pointed out Mayella's wound the the right side of her face, a wound that would have to have been afflicted with someone's left hand and accused Tom of hitting Mayella. Atticus then asks Tom to sign his name and concludes that he is right handed. The jury thinks nothing of this, after all, most people are right handed and Tom could have just hit her with his left hand instead of his right, but that’s when Atticus asks Tom to raise his left hand, Tom’s left arm was limp and unusable, proving that he couldn’t have hit mayella with his left hand and stated that Bob Ewell had beaten Mayella because she had been with a black man and she tried to cover her embarrassment by saying that he had raped her. In the end of the hearing Tom was found guilty and sent to jail all because he was black and the “victim” of the rape was white. This case ties in perfectly with the theme of Equality because African Americans were sentenced in crimes that they did not commit, just because of the color of their
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