Examples Of Error Analysis And Second Language Acquisition

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I. Introduction

Learning English as a foreign language can be difficult for students whose mother tongue is Spanish. Frequently, those pupils struggling are the ones who suffer from mistakes and errors when writing in English. Mistakes, if not corrected can become errors, which is a normalized and uncorrected way to pronounce and write a word in the target language (TL)
As Ali Akbar acknowledges in his paper “Error analysis and second language acquisition” (2012) error analysis (EA) started from scholars realization of errors that English students make when writing or speaking in the TL. This usually happened because of a self-governed behavior, which relates to the repetitiveness of mistakes and not correcting them.
Error correction (EC) is a
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The previously mentioned relates with Swan and Smith (2001), arguing that this specific type of error is common in English learners due to the confusion between regular, adding the –ed and irregular verbs changing the word into another.
Furthermore, Bayinah (2013) acknowledges that in this stage, before the second language is familiar with the learner, the native language is the only linguistic system that is mastered by the learner. (p.8-9) Thus, it is important to start making changes in the way students use spoken and written language, in order to stop the fossilization of words and start correcting them appropriately.
In the sentence “...and a short film are exposed” happens that, the past and present tense are confused, because of the interference with L1 and, probably because of the lack of interaction using the
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