Examples Of Ethical Dilemma In Human Services Scenario

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Ethical Dilemma in Human Services Scenario 1. •The multiple ethical issues involved in the scenario The first ethical issue in this situation is connected with privacy and confidentiality. Every human service agency is obligated to protect the client's right to privacy and confidentiality by assuring the integrity, safety, and security of client records (National Organization for Human Services, 2015). Although, now the agency clients are expressing a verbal consent for the housekeeping staff member to use their information and “counsel” them, his lack of qualification may lead to the spreading of this information to third parties. The clients have trusted their private information to the agency, and in case of further information leakage the agency will be fully responsible for the harm caused by it.…show more content…
However, it is also a fact that a good human service worker becomes a role model for his clients (Personal values, belief and attitudes, 2009). In this situation the clients are starting to share the values which the human service worker possesses. Considering this, although a human service worker should not transfer his values to the clients, during further interactions it is inevitable some values change may occur. It also should be mentioned, that any person cannot totally eliminate personal values influence out of decision making, because our values are a basis of every judgements we make. Therefore, managing my personal values and beliefs in this situation is one of the most important conditions of successful decision making. Considering situation in overall, I will do my best not to influence the clients with my beliefs. However, one of main values is a respect to other cultures. I believe demonstrating this value and considering it as a basis of my decision would be ethical and proper in this
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