Examples Of Ethical Dilemmas In The Workplace

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Ethical dilemmas, refers to the different testing choices individuals are faced with in their daily lives. These situations are designed to conflict each other in ways that choosing to conform to one, puts an individual in a difficult situation. Moral dilemmas are not short in the professional world, if anything; employees are faced with various transforming challenges in their workplace. Choosing one option, between the available ones, does not necessarily mean it is the best decision; rather, a person has to go with what is considered as a “lesser evil.” Social workers are required to carry themselves with the highest regards to morality and integrity, both within and outside the work places. As easy as the statement sounds, faced with circumstances that test moral behavior or integrity is a…show more content…
In the past, it was considered highly unethical to send a personal email to a client, or interact with a client via social media avenues such as Facebook and twitter. This notion has been debunked, resulting to clients and service providers networking for different reasons. In this era, clients find it easy and convenient to schedule or cancel meetings, report emergencies, or request for immediate help through emails, Twitter posts, and Facebook messages. Nonetheless, ethical challenges crop up from these interactions. When clients find out that a social worker, scrutinized their social media platform for the purposes of obtaining information, they may feel that their privacy has been violated. Additionally, communications with clients through the various social media avenues may inadvertently be a cause for ethical principle abuse. Consequently, today’s social workers face challenges that come with the invention of different social media platforms, requiring professional determination in order to overcome them (Sadock, Kaplan, & Sadock,
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