Examples Of Ethical Issues In Blood Diamond Movie

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1. Discuss Main ethical issues in Blood Diamond Movie
The main ethical issue is the violence. The violence is can be ethical issue because no one have a rights to use violence for any matters include the government itself. There are authorities who have created laws to prevent bad situations from happening, and there is appropriate punishment. It is a common theme, the violence never solves anything. In blood diamond movie, large numbers of diamonds are mined ruthlessly and inhumanely. The movie is set in 1999 in Sierra Leone in West Africa, the film shows a country torn apart by the struggle between government soldiers and rebel forces (Revolutionary United Front). Rival group also fight with each other control rich area with diamond. The
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Blood diamond are “diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council”. Blood Diamond is a story about the precious gem acquired through blood and sufferings of common people. How much blood is spilt for each pieces of this luxury, how many tears dried into the very ground it is gathered from. Except from the people that are involved in the whole process of stealing or smuggling a nation’s natural wealth. Sierra Leone, where the storyline takes place, gets nothing. Its people are suffering through extreme poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases. Adding insult to injury, there is a fast emerging brutal terrorist group called RUF, destroying the system, collapsing government, killing innocents and taking children as soldiers. Making sure the country never progress and prosper or never grow the backbone to stand on its feet ever to use the valuable diamonds it holds on the ground. For example, when the illegal and unethical blood diamond trade was brought to light, it was ignored by the most potentially influential global players because of economic interest. What resulted was that the situation snowballed over the duration that it has occurred over and when the issue finally came to a head

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