Examples Of Ethical Issues In Samsung

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Now let me give some recommendations to solve the identified ethical problem in the Samsung. The first recommendation is the Samsung should provide safety equipages to the employees such as anti-static work wear, masks, protective glasses and so on. This is because Samsung electronics factory and semiconductor factory has many hazardous substances and radiation, employees need to work in the factory every day up to 12 hours or even to work overtime. Besides, semiconductor chip process requires the use of a variety of chemicals, such as using sulphuric acid to clean it, wet etching need to use hydrofluoric acid and other liquid chemicals, vapour deposition process will also use a variety of gases. Most chemicals if it random emissions…show more content…
(Dr Ho & Dr Tee, 2013) This ethical issue have extended consequences, mixed outcomes and personal implication. There should be a right or proper balance between economic performance and social performance. (Dr Ho & Dr Tee, 2013) Hence, the management’s dilemma is to strike a balance between economic and social performance. (Dr Ho & Dr Tee, 2013) The one real ethical problem in management is the working condition. The working condition of Samsung is very bad and unsafe. This ethical problem will lead to the employees suffer from cancer and even death. Therefore, Samsung should via the economic, legal and ethical analysis to balance between economic and social performances. Samsung is only care about how to fulfil the need and demand of the customers. They do not care about the working condition of their factories and they are just concern their profits. Besides, they do not follow the law and always let their employees to work overtime. Samsung must provide a good and safe working condition and safety equipages to their employees as well as hire more employees to reduce the probability of their employees to work overtime. Try to get employees to work in a good working condition to ensure that their health is guaranteed. A good working condition allow their employees to work more efficiency and
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