Examples Of Ethical Sensitivity In Nursing

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Making the right decision in nursing requires sufficient sensitivity to ethical issues [1], and failure to attend to ethical issues in caring may result in neglecting ethical principles and values of nursing [2]. In workplaces where employees constantly receive many different messages, ethical messages can be overlooked, and the ethical leader can brings ethics to the attention of followers (employees) through frequent contacts and salient ethical messages [3] .
Ethical sensitivity is an attribute that enables identification of ethical challenges and emotional and mental perceptions from vulnerable situations of people, and awareness of ethical outcomes of decisions made about others [1, 4, 5]. Ethical sensitivity is defined as an "attention to the ethical values involved in a conflict-laden situation and a self-awareness of one’s own role and responsibility in a situation" [7]. It is a personal predisposition guiding ethical decision making [8] and involves cognitive capacity, including feelings, sentiments, moral knowledge and skills and an interrelational process [1]. Research evidences show that ethical sensitivity in nursing is defined and measured in at least three different ways: identification of numbers of ethical issues, recognition of
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These challenges are mainly due to the shortage of nurses, job dissatisfaction, poor social position, and curriculum shortfalls with regard to ethics[12, 17, 18] , which can lead to increased ethical distress in nurses and subsequent burnout and higher turnover [16, 18]. Within the Iranian nursing context and knowledge of professional values and problems, an ethical leader can act as an ethical role model for nurses, and thus create ethical sensitivity and develop ethical decision making and help development of ethical nursing performance, from which patients, nurses, workplace, and nursing profession can all
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