Examples Of Ethics In Fast And Furious

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For a close person, our view of ethics depends on emotion but for a strangers, our view of ethics depends on reasons. We naturally are so attached with close person such as family, friends and relatives. According to, ethics is a system of moral principles and a rules of conduct in respect to a particular human. There is a scene from the movie, Fast and Furious, where it exemplifies the difference between emotion and reason decision. In that scene, there is a guy and a girl who used to be in a relationship five years ago but he ditched her after tearing her family apart. That guy calls the girl to meet him all of the sudden after five years in a cafe. She asks him why she called her to meet after five years and he replies back…show more content…
It’s mostly family because almost all family looks the good in their family member and wouldn’t choose to hurt them so they make decision by their emotion. If a close person cares about reason more than emotion than that means that they are showing lack of trust which could eventually hurt that close person. The example given above from Fast and Furious, the guy has an emotional attachment with the girl which is why he went back just to caution her from the bad people. This shows that ethics is more important emotionally rather than with a reason. In these kinds of cases the knowledge “In the process of forming both personal and shared ethics reason is more important than emotion” is incorrect because reason is not always important as emotion. Emotion may be more important than reason. We also tend to make bad decisions emotionally because we trust them so much that everything that they say or do feels like it’s right though it could be wrong. Even in an ethical example, if the first person feels and thinks that it is the right thing to do, they would do it but for second person, the same thing could be the wrong. So it all depends on each individual's thought. The knowledge question “To what extent do we make ethical decisions through emotion and reason?” in this case would be
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