Examples Of Ethnic Cleansing In The Rohingya

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Introduction To the Myanmar government, the Rohingya are the enemy. Since the 1970’s, the military has raped, murdered, tortured, and burned alive Rohingya people living in the Rakhine State (Ekin, 2017). In 1982, the Burma Citizenship Law proclaimed the Rohingya as stateless, which, in the words of human rights consultant and research associate in the Centre for Asian Legal Studies Katherine Southwick, has “been used to rationalize various forms of marginalization and the denial of rights, services, and identity” (2015, p. 142). With years worth of accounts of Rohingya persecution, the crisis in Myanmar demands condemnation and interference. Only on September 11, 2017, did the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad…show more content…
expressed in the plaintive, ‘for how long will you make us eaten by insects?’” (2011, p. 233). The view of Rohingya as concomitant to insects is a clear representation of the dehumanization they suffer through on a daily basis. In consequence of the Myanmar ethnic cleansing, the dehumanization has worsened to the point of denying the Rohingya’s existence altogether, as of that by the Burmese government, who refuses to acknowledge them as a separate ethnic group and insists on their identification as Bengalis. To exemplify, one officer for the security ministry of the Rakhine State, U Kyaw San Hla, told New York Times reporter Hannah Beech “There is no such thing as Rohingya...It is fake news” (2017). Members of the government, however, are not the only Myanmarese citizens to deny Rohingya existence; Beech additionally found that “In the bazaar [in Sittwe] recently, every Rakhine resident [she] talked to claimed, falsely, that no Muslims had ever owned shops there” (2017). In analyzing the effects of oppressive commentary about the Rohingya, it is evident that the more the existence of the Rohingya is denied and the more they are dehumanized, the less their human rights are respected.
Military Violence The tarnished status of the Rohingya — a cause of their dehumanization — has allowed for military troops to carry out unbridled, vicious acts against the stateless ethnic group. Because the Rohingya are viewed as a disgraced people, they have been left without an
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