Examples Of Euphemism In The Giver

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“Just for a second, imagine a world without war, conflict or grief. Refreshing, right? But it's also a world without memory, feelings, and color, at least in the premise of Lois Lowry’s, The Giver” (, 2017). It was published by HarperCollins in 1993, it shares the same motive of a perfect and utopian society. What is a perfect society? Is it where people have to be uniform to each other? What is the point having such a life where you cannot make your own decisions ? you cannot have feelings or unable to live with your own biological parents. There is one thing about the community in the giver, it is very well organized and no possible war. This is because each member of the community is trained to be polite from childhood. So, therefore, everyone uses polite language, we call it Euphemism words, this set of words are alternate or substituted to words that are harsh, blunt and might hurt somebody like killed, jail, etc. This essay will focus on some of the main and common euphemism words in the giver. The euphemism words are Release, Stirrings, and Assignment. For each word, I will discuss it’s meaning, it’s translation to a non-euphemism word, it’s function and some examples from the book. Firstly, What is Release? In the giver, it means to get released from the world.…show more content…
“Stirrings” is the community’s euphemism for puberty. At a certain age, parents are told to tell their children to start taking some pills to stop having those thoughts and the pills also unable to have emotions. Stirrings are first introduced in chapter 5, “when the family discusses their dreams, normally Jonas has nothing to apprise about but today he had something to tell. Jonas described his dream of Fiona, his childhood friend and him in the house of old with a tub in the center of the room, in his dream he tries to convince her to get into the tub and bath with him” (chapter
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