Examples Of Evidence-Based Practice

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The Evidence Base Practice Research
Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Approaches
The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)is the systematic decision-making process to improve the work environment and clinical practices to get better quality patient outcomes. The EBP is the process where data collection, organizing, processing and implementing of the research findings are the critical points for the right results. One of the essential aspects of interest of using EBP research for nursing practice is that it gives the highest conceivable quality care and cost-effective treatment possible. It helps to fill the gaps and weaknesses in patient care so that patients will get better outcomes. It also blends the evidence and clinical experience to provide better patients experiences. It is essential as it helps to increase patient safety and improve quality of life. It also helps to reduce various medical complications and keeps the healthcare costs low.
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
There are two major approaches used in the nursing research which are qualitative and quantitative methods. However, we can use both plans to do the nursing research. If both methods used in the nursing research, it will be called the mixed approach. The qualitative analysis is the method where researchers use the process of inquiry and look answers how and why a phenomenon occurs in a situation. The examples of the qualitative approach are phenomenology, grounded theory ethnography, and qualitative
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