Examples Of Existentialism In The Truman Show

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Existentialism is a philosophy about human existence, choice and freedom. It views humans as conscious beings with free will as opposed to objects without these qualities. As conscious beings, humans make decisions and define the meaning of their lives, despite living in an irrational and uncontrollable world.
Existentialism focuses on the problem of individual existence, and the sense that there is no rational order or meaning in the world, or a lack of purpose or justification of human lives. In order to overcome this problem, humans have to embrace existence and define the meaning in their lives through their actions. As such, humans have no choice but to exercise personal freedom and choice, bearing the full responsibility for their choices. However, with this responsibility comes anxiety and dread, and an attempt to impose an
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Every aspect of his life is planned and controlled from behind the scenes by the show’s producer and director, Christof. What he believes to be his hometown of Seahaven is actually a giant television studio full of hidden cameras to record his life and all the people around him, including his family and friends, are actors. However, a sequence of unusual incidents leads Truman to notice something amiss with his life. He tries to escape Seahaven a few times but is successfully prevented by Christof and his crew. Eventually, Truman manages to hoodwink the crew, escaping to sea. Surviving a storm Christof throws at him, he reaches a huge sky-painted dome. At this point, Christof announces himself to Truman revealing the truth of Truman’s existence as part of a television show and convinces him to stay. However, the film ends with Truman making a choice for himself by walking through the door marked ‘Exit’, leaving Seahaven into the real

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