Examples Of External Forces In Things Fall Apart

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In the novel, “Things Fall Apart”, Okonkwo, who lead the major role in the story, was characterized by fear and very weak thoughts in his personal life. He doesn’t want his home at Umuofia to be familiar in the change of time and progress. The isolation of his organization in the Umuofia community is considered as worth and meaningful in his own life instead. Okonkwo is very much drifted towards external forces due to stress affiliation with his father since his childhood. When the organization in society of Umuofia altered, his methods and self-assessment failed to adapt to this alteration. So he could not adjust to function his ways into a new environment and thus his fears slowly started to collapse everything around him.
When Okonkwo was young, he declared that his father was not able to feed adequately of his family and he was abashed by his father’s strength. He didn’t receive enough food and he was insisted to dislike his father, Unoka. While he went out in Umuofia, he expressed his embarrassment against his father and consequently he discovered that villagers of Umuofia had similar dislikes against his father. The hatred feelings against his father
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This was depicted such as the abandonment of twins in the forest by members of the community. Also Okonkwo mentioned that his father, Unoka was beggar, valueless person and he held no titles in Umuofia society. Okonkwo also criticized his father that if a beggar were allowed to take a title in Umuofia, it would distort the foundation as he created. Thus this response predicted Okonkwo’s reaction to the numerous events to end of the novel. Okonkwo was sent exile for seven years as punishment for killing a member of Umuofia. His friend, Obierika described him as “a man who thought about things”. Okonkwo never think about the traditions he follows as in fact he continue to suppress everything his father
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