Examples Of Eysenck Theory Of Personality

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EYSENCK THEORY OF PERSONALITY According to Eysenck the personality is the sum total of actual or potential behavior patterns of organism as determined by heredity and environment; it originates and develops through the functional interaction of four main sectors into which these behavior patterns are organized; the cognitive sector(intelligence), the cognitive sector(character), the affective sector(temperament) and somatic structure(constitution). Eysenck’s theory of personality is based on physiology and genetics. According to him our personality is inherited and determined by environment. He believed that our personality traits had psycho-physiological foundation. He described personality on the basic of three dimensions (1) introversion/extroversion…show more content…
Good and bad experiences of early childhood shape our personality. The inner need to overcome inferiority is the drive for human behavior. Children grow up dependent on the parents, older siblings and sometime on some guardians, which causes feeling of inferiority among them. Their feeling to overcome this inferiority and become superior to others is the basic human drive for actions in all human beings. Those who are overwhelmed by the feeling of inferiority and never made to believe that they can act on their own are most venerable to the inferiority…show more content…
My personality traits are very closely resembles to either to my father’s or with my mother’s personality traits, although mostly to my father’s. I got from my father, the personality traits that are mostly needed to survive in the outer world like having a independent thinking, understanding others point of view etc. and from my mother the caring attitude towards my near and dear ones. My personality also developed from the environment of my society. As in my society moral and cultural values are given at most importance, because of which I am never able to anything which goes against my values. That’s why even if I want to do something against values like drinking or cheating someone, I am not able to
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