Examples Of Failed E Business

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Three examples of failed e-business or e-commerce deployments or strategies are Boo.com, Pets.com and Value America. Founded in 1998, Boo.com was an online retailer specializing in sporting apparel. The company failed to achieve viable growth and declared bankruptcy one year later. Pets.com was an Internet business to consumer retailer specializing in pet supplies. The company was launched in 1998, and self-liquidated two years later in November, 2000. Founded in 1996, Value America sold a wide range of products at lower prices and faster shipping by connecting its customers to manufacturers. The company failed to deliver on its promise and filed for bankruptcy in 2000. All three dot.com companies failed because they lacked clearly defined, sustainable business plans.
Boo.com strived to be the first major global online retailer specializing in designer brands in fashion and sportswear. Boo’s business plan involved developing an interactive website using 3-D technologies, and selling its products in different countries. These two models posed challenges for Boo’s management. The 3-D graphics relied on refining existing technologies, and global operations relied upon the company’s ability to manage different currencies and price structures.
Boo promised to deliver a website that incorporated interactive representations of its products through the use of 3-D mannequins. Visitors, using drag and drop, would dress the mannequins, getting a sense of what the desired products would…
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