Examples Of Fair And Balanced Personality

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My result from the teacher personality assessment was that I was the “Fair and Balanced” personality type.
1. My personality type was the fair and balanced teacher, and while I did not know all of the other types, this seems fairly accurate to me. I generally will try to look at an argument from all sides before coming to a decision and usually will not place blame on any one person. It is not that I will not punish someone who does wrong, but rather that I will try to mete out punishment based off of what happened rather than my personal feelings on the matter. I think that it is a teacher’s job to be impartial and treat every student the same, regardless of whether they perform well in school or not. If someone does something good, they should be rewarded for their effort. And if they do something bad, then I can try to work through the problem with them before immediately jumping to a harsh punishment. I think this quite aptly describes me.
2. I think one of the biggest influences that will affect how I teach is my home life that I had growing up. My parents were divorced and were very bitter with each other and would frequently take each other to court and fight. So I was often used as the mediator between them and was asked to tell each other things from the other parent. The longer this happened, the more I realized that both of them were usually at fault when it came to the reason of their arguments, and I would try to make myself as passive and impartial as I could
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