Examples Of Family In Walk Two Moons

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Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. In the whole world, there are many different types of family. The broken ones, the chaotic ones, the ordinary ones and the extraordinary ones. In the novel Walk Two Moons, written by Sharon Creech, there are some families, and all of them are unique. There is Salamanca’s family, which used to live in Bybanks, Kentucky. Salamanca is the main character of the book, she went on a trip with her grandparents, it was the same her mother did before dying. Salamanca was an immature girl in the beginning of the novel, but throughout, she changed a lot. Her mother went on her own journey, and now Sal and her father lived alone. They decided to move to Euclid, Ohio, a big city with no nature around. Unfortunately, she has a broken family. On the other side, Ben, who was Sal’s classmate and boyfriend by the end of the novel, was considered the strange family. His mother was sick and needed to be in…show more content…
The strange ones, the chaotic or crazy ones, the normal ones, and unfortunately, the broken ones, which is Sal’s family. In the novel Walk Two Moons, each family can be categorized as something. Sal’s family can be categorized by the broken one. Phoebe’s family is the chaotic and crazy one. And finally, Ben’s family is categorized as strange. The author Sharon Creech of the novel Walk Two Moons had the idea of writing this novel to show the readers the amount of different type of family there is and how they are happy in their own way. Family is one theme of the novel but can be considered as not an important theme to some people, but to me it is. Even though the author doesn't mention family many times, one of the main things in the book is family. One phrase that I memorized from the novel is “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his mocassin” (Creech, 51). You can’t judge a family until you know the truth of what the family has already passed
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