Examples Of Fear In The Crucible

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It is always important to know about events in history so that the events will not be repeated. The texts The Crucible, “Why I Wrote The Crucible,” and “Vigilante ‘Vampire-hunters’” tells about how fear has an effect on society from the Salem witch hunts to McCarthyism to modern-day. The play, The Crucible, shows how society reacts to fear when claims about witchcraft are circulated through the village, and the article “Why I Wrote The Crucible” shows how fear of communism makes society paranoid of each other. The article “Vigilante ‘Vampire-hunters’” is an example of a modern-day witch hunt, except the article deals with vampires rather than witchcraft or communists. As it is seen in all three text, society has dealt with fear in the same despairing manner over the years besides learning from mistakes in the past. The development of society’s response to fear over the years illustrates that people have not learned from mistakes made by responses in the past. In a form of irrational actions, fear impacted The Salem Witch Trial by people losing their lives. Many people made claims to benefit themselves by getting people hung because they simply did not like them. Not only did people make claims out of spite, but they also made claims out of fear because strange actions were seen as witchcraft. For instance, on page 57 of The Crucible, Mary Warren says, “So many time, Mr. Proctor, she came to this very door, beggin’ for bread and a cup of cider- and mark this: whenever I

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