Examples Of Feminism In X-Men

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Watching “X-Men: The Last Stand” through Feminism and Post-Colonialism Theory “X-Men” is originally published in comics by one of the most famous publisher of American comic books; Marvel comics. X-Men as a series of comic books has been created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby since 1960s. X-Men is the story about the superhero team of mutants who possess X-gene, a genetic trait, which allows the mutant to gain superhuman abilities. “X-Men” has been made as the film-version by 20th Century Fox into film series such as X-men in 2000, X2 in 2003, and X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. The film series of X-Men have been featured by a number of stars such as Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and Ian McKellen. Some movies in this series have received positive…show more content…
In the old day and in many cultures, women have been seen as submissive to men and also voiceless and helpless. Their life had to depend on men, so they have been treated unequally in the society. Some cultures such as the ancient Greek saw women as the possession of men. When they were young or unmarried, they were the possession of her father. Additionally, when they were married, they would be considered as the possession of her husband. Therefore, they had no rights or voice, and they could not make any decision or path for their own life. As well as, in India, there are many stories or epics which taught women that an ideal woman or a good woman is the woman who treats her husband nicely. In other words, a woman would not be purely considered as a good woman by their behavior, but they would be considered as a good woman by the way they treat their husband. Because of these conditions of the society, there is a group of women who call themselves “Feminist”, and require the society to see women as equal as men. Nowadays the idea of feminism is spread worldwide, and there are many concepts or theories about feminism conducted and developed since 1870s. For this film, X-Men: The Last Stand, can be criticized with feminism theory as this film seems to convey the idea about women that “women with the great power, especially the women who…show more content…
According to Professor X, Jean Grey has two personalities, one is the conscious Jean who can control her power, and another one is the Phoenix Force which is, here, is the Wild Zone. The conscious Jean is not able to understand the Phoenix Force because the conscious part of Jean is influenced by the patriarchal value which is represented by Professor X and Magneto. She believes that the Phoenix Force’s power inside her is needed to be controlled because Professor X said that this power is dangerous. In addition, she has been raised and taught in the Professor X’s school, “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters”, and she has been taken care closely by the professor himself. Therefore, it can be concluded that Jean in the conscious part is greatly influenced by the idea of Professor X, so she cannot understand another part of herself, the part of the Phoenix Force which represents the female power. Because the part of the Phoenix Force is the Wild Zone which there is no one understand, the power of the Phoenix Force is seen as dangerous which can destroy everyone including its host (Jean Grey) and people she loves, such as Scott Summers and Professor Charles Xavier. Although Magneto desires to release the power of the Phoenix Force inside Jean Grey and criticizes the way Professor X always wants her to control her power that the professor has always held her back, he also regrets that he should
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