Examples Of Foreshadowing In Charles By Shirley Jackson

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The author Shirley Jackson that wrote “Charles” uses characterization to both foreshadow and trick the readers about the ending. In the beginning of the passage, the boy Laurie is thought of as a “sweet-[voice] nursery-school tot” by his mother(258). Since Laurie is such a sweet pleasant boy, the reading audience believes he could not be Charles. Jackson trickers readers into believing that a delightful child Laurie could not be a unpleasant boy that Charles is. Laurie molding into a new personality throughout indicates foreshadowing. When Laurie returns home from school, he misbehaves, “[speaking] insolently to his father, [spilling] his baby sister’s milk”(259). Laurie does not act as described, making the reader question if he is a kind
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