Examples Of Forgiveness In Forgiveness

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Joy has been married for five years now. Her husband is always verbally, physically abusing her. She has tried to visit all the marriage counselor around her. Her husband does not see it as an issue. She has gone back to her parent’s time and again but the man keeps coming back asking for forgiveness. Once in a while, she has gone back having forgiven the husband. But he keeps redoing it. As a Christian wife, she is in a catch 22 situation. She no longer knows what forgiveness means. She is caught in between forgiveness. As a Christian and a wife, what does forgiveness mean to her and her marriage according to the Bible.
Forgiveness: Is the act of wiping away, pardoning or forgoing a debt. As a Christian, if we forgive it means we forgo the hurt we underwent caused by someone and start the relationship a fresh. Forgiveness isn't granted because the person deserves it, but it is an act of mercy and grace covered by love.
Human beings are naturally sinful. The first people Adam and Eve disobeyed God right in front of him in the garden of Eden. Since then people have been sinning. According to Roman 3:23 “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” This verse only tells us that human being is born sinners. In marriages, couples will sin against
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Once someone sins against the other, sin opens up their mind, and they realize they have sinned against the other person. As was the case in Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam realized he had sinned once he bit that fruit. What this did has he felt some sense of shame, and for the first time, he realized he was naked. Adam immediately seeks God. Asking for forgiveness tames you down, and you want to ask for forgiveness. Even in marriages couples who go that route, understand what comes along with sinning. Forgiveness will bring you back to God. Just like it did to Adam and Eve after God graciously forgave them as in Genesis
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