Examples Of Forgiveness In The Tempest

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The Tempest was published in 1623 and is considered one of the last plays of William Shakespeare. This play is accepted as virtuous as Prospero, the protagonist, rises above his own problems and dark depths of disturbance and pain to attain a level of tranquility. His mind elevates to such levels that human frailties do not worry him; it is this mental elevation of Prospero that forms the theme of forgiveness of the play.
After the shipwreck, we find Alonso in a lot of stress and mood of despair reaching to the level of insanity. Alonso had totally forgotten about the sins and had no guilt for the wrong committed by him, Prospero was pleased with the profound success of what he had set out to do as revenge. When Ariel recites the success of the plot with delight and said that if he had a human, his heart would have melted seeing the anguish of the sufferers, on listening to him Prospero reaches his merciful decision which it is obvious was firmly in his
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Yet among the three sinners regeneration is evident in really true terms in Alonso alone. His redemption begins soon after the loss of his son in the shipwreck. It is a nerve racking anguish of a father. The hazy reflection over his past sins is brought into sharp focus when Ariel, in the shape of a harpy, reminds him of his crimes against Prospero and Miranda twelve years ago. It is here that his repentance becomes both intense and genuine. This redemption and repentance is, however, not visible in the other two sinners. Sebastian is a minor character, so Shakespeare passes lightly over his psychological insights and elevation but Antonio is a major character, and his crime is worst of the three, since he betrays a generously trusting brother. Though he returns Prospero his dukedom of Milan, there is more than an ample hint that Antonio does so more out of fear of Prospero’s potent magic power rather than any genuine
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