Examples Of Formative Assessment For Vocabulary

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Vocabulary or word knowledge is a very important area of a language, and plays a crucial role for learners in acquiring a second language (Cameron, 2001). Without vocabulary, learning all other language skill is impossible. Therefore, helping students to master English vocabulary is not only concerned with providing necessary input but also requires appropriate assessment. There are a number of ways to assess students’ word knowledge both formal and informal test. Many classroom friendly vocabulary assessments are available that inform instruction and measure vocabulary growth (Stahl & Bravo, 2010). Also, teachers can use various summative assessments to assess student vocabulary knowledge and growth.
This paper aims at discovering formative assessment, then examining five activities that can be used as formative assessment for vocabulary. The final part focuses on introduce and evaluate of one of these five activities. The materials, procedures for conducting this activity as well as its benefits and drawbacks will be deeply analyzed.
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Formative assessment takes place during learning and is aimed to help learning and teaching by giving appropriate feedback (Lewy, 1990). Nitko (1993) named two purposes of formative assessment: (a) selecting or modifying learning procedures, and (b) choose the best remedies for improving weak points in learning and teaching. Gattullo (2000) characterized formative assessment as “(a) it is an ongoing multi-phase process that is carried out on a daily basis through teacher–pupil interaction, (b) it provides feedback for immediate action, and (c) it aims at modifying teaching activities in order to improve learning processes and

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