Examples Of Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus

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In “Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus”, the author, Mary Shelley demonstrates the idea that a creator, in this case, a scientist, is responsible for its creation in the sense that it's responsible for its actions during its early stages of existence in the world. In the story and throughout several nonfiction sources, authors show the concept that the creator is responsible for it’s creation/product since it creates a new type of responsibility towards the scientist him/herself, toward the product/creation, and to the scientists family. Frankenstein was unable to demonstrate responsibility with these three, which is the main reason why the creature became so aggressive and rageful. The reason for this was mainly the fact that Doctor Frankenstein is selfish and only thinks of himself, and not of how his actions can severely impact people around him. This concept is also demonstrated in our modern world through how scientists today are being cautious with new inventions and products, such as CRISPR, which is a system that scientists can use to modify human genomes. Scientists today are also making sure that they are monitoring their inventions and making sure that they are responsible for whatever they are doing.
Throughout “Frankenstein”, Mary Shelley demonstrates how a creator is responsible for its creation in the sense that the scientist also becomes responsible for himself. In the story, as Dr. Frankenstein begins his project, which was to create a creature out of
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