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According to Aristotle the topic of friendship is held very highly in life, when he is describing his view on it he says, ”…friendship is a kind of excellence, or goes along with excellence, and furthermore is very necessary for living. For no one would choose to live without friends…” showing his view on it is highly valued and very positive. When talking about it in Books VIII and IX of his Nicomachean Ethics, he categorized friendship in three different ways; using utility friendship, pleasure friendship and character friendship. The interpersonal relationships within the film, The Wings of the Dove, can back up Aristotle’s views on friendship that are shown with the characters such as Kate, Merton and Milly.
One of the categories Aristotle
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Within the film, The Wings of the Dove, there are many different examples of character friendships such as, Kate with Merton and Milly with Merton. Out of the two examples, the character friendship between Kate and Merton shows the qualities the best. Kate and Merton have deep love for each other but have no care about their backgrounds and wealth, which was a very important thing in those days to whether they should marry or not. They would do anything to go against the rules and be together, they loved how they made each other feel and their personalities. Also, the way Kate lets Merton pretend to love Milly while she watched them shows the strong love she had for him and his character, which shows she will do anything for love. The mutual admiration part of this friendship was shown through both Kate and Merton going through with the plan, even though it wasn’t ideal for them, therefore they could be together and get married. Showing that their relationship has all the parts of Aristotle’s description for a character…show more content…
He has this belief because with a character friendship, it takes a long period of time and commitment to create this friendship, which is shown with Kate and Merton where they try and spend as much time as possible together with their true love for each other. Also, the more friends we have will make it difficult to share our lives with all of them at once, mainly when there are different emotions with different friends due to their individual situations they are going through in life. The best thing is to have fewer friends that are truthful and character friendship’s because they are the ones with the most love and care in them for one

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