Examples Of Gender Equality And Equality

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Equal Opportunity Laws and Diversity
Many workplaces have their own equal opportunities policy. In it describes the steps the organization will take to respect the equality legislation and promote equality in the workplace. One example I will briefly talk about is gender equality. I believe gender discrimination is a big problem in the workplace. I will use my aunt as an example for this gender discrimination story. My aunt and other men co-worker use to hold the same position, yet the job title is different for one than for the other. Her co-worker gets paid more, or he qualifies to raises or promotions than my aunt use to. It is absurd to discriminate by the age, race, sex, religion, political, ethnic origin, or any other individual. According to the breast feeding website “employees or potential employees may face discrimination. Direct discrimination is where someone with a personal characteristic is treated unfairly because of that personal characteristic.” Not giving a female a promotion just because she is a female is sexisms or not giving a job to a pregnant woman or even a woman who breastfeeds.” I believe everyone should be treated equally and not by prejudgments. Having an equal opportunity means that all people will be treated equally and not underprivileged by unfairness. Diversity is the differences in everyone, and it is also about learning from each other nevertheless of our cultural and bringing those differences in the world. According to the New
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