Examples Of Genesis In Frankenstein

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Throughout Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the parallel connection to Adam and Eve’s story from Genesis is incorporated to emphasize the negative aspects of the main protagonist in the novel, Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Integrating comparisons between the main protagonists in the book of Genesis, readers are able to draw the assumption that Victor is the cause of his own downfall, and that would have consequences- as it did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God can easily be compared to the philosophers that Professor Waldman discussed in his class, whom believed that they were capable of creating and/ or controlling the sublime of nature. The tree of knowledge is proportionate to the experiences and understanding that Dr. Frankenstein acquires…show more content…
In Genesis, Eve is the first person to consume the forbidden fruit, and it completely changed her and Adam’s life. The parallel to this instance is evident in Frankenstein after Victor receives his letter from Elizabeth in which she conveys her adoration for him and her concern that he no longer wants marry her after the previous series of unfortunate events in the novel. The only thing that Victor contemplates when regarding marriage is the monster’s threat in Chapter 20 of Frankenstein, in which the creature promised to “be with Victor on his wedding night” if he does not create a wife for him. As Victor began deliberating the actions that the creature could perform, he “read and re-read Elizabeth’s letter, and some softened feelings stole into his heart, and dared to whisper paradisiacal dreams of love and joy; but the apple was already eaten, and the angel’s arm bared to drive me from all hope” (Shelley 162). At this point in the novel, Victor has gotten ill from the events that have been direct results of his actions, such as Justine, William and Henry Clerval’s death but he still struggles in dealing with the guilt for all of the murders. The parallel to Genesis from the quote on page 162 is, “the apple was already eaten”, which clearly exhibits that fate has already been made after the creature was created and now Victor will have to deal with all of the pain and suffering that he
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