Examples Of Good And Evil In To Kill A Mockingbird

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There has always been some type of good and evil in the world, such as one person thinking that having an iPhone is a good thing, while another person would be thinking that having iPhones in this world is distracting, thus being evil. Even in human nature there is good and evil. People can just be simply evil or simply good. Since some people do not agree on some things other people say, they might think about each other as enemies, thinking themselves as good and the other evil. Everyone will see, or think of another as a evil/good person, depending on their views. Especially in To Kill a Mockingbird, there are good and evil characters, as well as good and evil actions.
In To Kill a Mockingbird, an example of the coexistence of good and evil
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Tom Robinson represented good, and Bob Ewell represented evil. In Tom Robinson’s case with him being good, for example, Tom assisted Mayella by helping her do chores because she was alone with her many siblings to look after. He only helped Mayella because he knew Mayella was lonely and miserable. Tom would also be an example of a mockingbird because he did nothing wrong. All he did was mind his business and helped a girl, but he was shot and killed anyways. With Bob Ewell, he represented evil, and it started with the fact that he did not care about his children’s appearances. Burris Ewell, Bob’s son did not show any indications of parents caring about him or discipline. Another example of Bob being evil in the story was that he beat up Mayella, his own daughter, and claimed that Tom Robinson was the one who beat up Mayella. Bob also tried to kill Jem and Scout because during the trial, Atticus claimed that Bob was the one who beat up Mayella instead of Tom from the evidence he had. This applies to the coexistence of good and evil because these characters are made good and evil depending on their actions. Tom Robinson didn’t do anything wrong, and Bob Ewell is evil for child abuse and false accusations (Lee,
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